2 Dec 2010

In Case You're Still Here...

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Find me in cyberspace at my online art portfolio.
17 Jan 2010

A Good Weekend

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Good weekend things:
- early morning badminton
- reading travel guides
- small town fiction
- avocados
- re-organizing the furniture so it feels like you have moved
- winter
10 Jan 2010


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After a cold and hectic week, the weather conditions finally seemed favourable to practice some photography. I took a 30 minute break from degree work preparation to go outside and enjoy a Sunday (after which I continued to enjoy the Sunday by watching comforting television).

It's always the same thing, when there's lot to do, missing the little things. And the things you would never normally do, but would love to do now, just to avoid working on something yo should be working on. During the past few days I've dreamt of knitting, organizing the closets, doing laundry, going shopping, drawing. cooking, sewing, swimming, reading. Anything to escape the matters at hand.


But maybe next weekend, more walks and whites.

1 Jan 2010


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January 1st is an artificial first, a day like any other, except for all the other firsts. Today I'm starting to write down things, daily, weather stats if nothing else. Being the notebook addict that I am, I got myself a set of Moleskine Colour a Month diaries for 2010 - one small notebook for each month. They are too precious to go to waste. I guess I have to make sure all of my days are eventful enough.

Nightly Lights

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And a blue moon.

31 Dec 2009

Time Stops and Begins Again

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The chilly mist of early December had turned into something heavy and white. Now I'm back home, dreaming of: Christmas, listening to the angry music of my teens, getting older and wiser, but still going back in time, becoming a poet, becoming a fortune teller, becoming a philosopher.

I still think it's 2002. Not much has happened since then, but everything has changed, of course. I don't have any actual plans beyond six months. My New Year's resolution is to take off for an adventure or two.

Happy 2010!
27 Dec 2009

6 films, 1 cemetery and about 50 cm of snow later...

We're visiting some family, we'll get back home for New Year's. But for now, nature documentaries and Trivial Pursuit are fine. It's been chilly this week and going outside requires extra preparation. I had forgotten what winters can be like - last year my cold months were spent in mellow and autumnal Scotland, where a minor snowfall was considered the catastrophe of the decade.

It's rural and so slow that I lost my train of thought.

Some window displays around the city: